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With its judgment of May 12, 1998, the regional court of Hamburg (Germany) decided that one is in part responsible for the contents of a page to which one has set a link. This can only be circumvented by distancing oneself explicitly from these contents. On our pages, we have set links to other pages in internet. For all these links the following applies: in the case of direct or indirect references to external websites ('hyperlinks'), an obligation to accountability would only come into effect if the carrier of these pages would be aware of these contents and, in the case of illegal contents, if it would be technically possible and reasonable for him or her to prevent that others use the pages. The carrier of these pages therefore declares explicitly that, at the time the links were set, the corresponding linked pages were free of any illegal contents. He or she has no influence upon the actual and future configuration and contents of the linked pages. Therefore, he or she hereby distances him- or herself explicitly from all contents of the linked pages, which were altered after the link has been set. This declaration applies to all links and references which were made within the own internet area. As opposed to the person who merely refers to the particular offering via set links, the provider of the linked page alone is responsible for any illegal, inaccurate or incomplete contents, and in particular for any damage which might arise from the use or non-use of the offered information.

Notices concerning copyright

The regulations of the German Copyright in its respective version apply. All rights of the originator concerning his or her protected works are reserved. Any further usage of the works, apart from listening to the inserted musical pieces, is not permitted without explicit permission by the GEMA.

We thank all authors and publishing companies, which are mentioned in the bibliography, for permitting us to publish their works - as far as those are concerned who do not belong to the owner of this website. In relation to some contributions, we were not able to find the holder of rights. In these cases, the owner of this website asks for a message to the above address.

All press citations were pubished in agreement with § 51 UrhG, which says that copying is allowed "in so far as the use in its extent is justified by the particular purpose". Such an appointment of purpose is common code of practice since the Federal Republic of Germany was founded, as well as in other countries. Should an author and/or publishing company feel pretermitted - in spite of our efforts to cite carefully while indicating the source correctly - or object to this appointment of purpose, we appologise greatly. In this case, the owner will have the citation removed from the website immediately.

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