Concert at the Secondary School of Letmathe



»How does one become a composer? Where do the ideas come from? How does one decide which instrument should play? The composer Hans-Joachim Hessler from Dortmund answered student questions of this kind during his visit at the Letmathe Secondary School.
He thereby presented extracts of his piece ›Picturesque Sceneries‹ which will sound in the school's auditorium within the context of the symphonic concert [...]. The piece tells the story of Anna, who is given a magic flute as a gift, with which she can plunge into the music of different countries.«

»[...] Right with the first piece, a selection from Joachim Hessler's ›Picturesque Sceneries‹, the orchestra introduces itself. ›Instruments which one blows into, instruments which one beats, and instruments which one strokes‹ were presented to be looked at and listened to - when for instance the long bassoon or the huge timbale were shown, there were astounded exclamations.
[...] Highly interested, some of the students leaned forward with excited faces and some pieces were so groovy that they called forth the urge to move [...].
[...] The concert, however, also made it possible to give the students an understanding of many kinds of instruments, and to experience for once a real live-concert. ›It contributed to the widening of the students' musical horizons [...]‹, said Marcus Fornefeld.« (Iserlohn newspaper dated October 25, 2006).