Requiem für einen Spion [Requiem for a spy]

Marat / Sade by George Tabori

Helmut Rühl, Murdoch
Claus Dieter Clausnitzer, Zucker
Kasia Naumow, Maggie
Susanne Beck, director
Ulrich Blomann and Hans-Joachim Hessler, music
Theatre Fletch Bizzel in cooperation with the Theater of Dortmund


On the background of the »Parable of Faust«, Tabori sends his figures away to go look for a lost treasure: Heinrich, who questions in a Faustian way, Maggie, who is actually called Margaret, and Murdoch with »M« like Mephisto. They meet in an underground car park, a deserted place. After a long time, everybody contributes a piece of the common secret. Fearful and violent attempts to remind one another. They were spies back in 1939, they were three in their fight against the dark powers, until...

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Marat / Sade

Marat / Sade The persecution and murdering of Jean Paul Marat, allegorized by the group of actors of the hospice of Charenton under the direction of Sir Sade.

by Peter Weiss

Theatre in the Car Barn
Bernhard Bleckmann, direction
Hans-Joachim Heßler, composition


This sofar most brave project of the Theatre in the Car Barn deals with a theatre performance in an asylum, in the course of which the content of the piece gears more and more into the reality of the asylum, which on the other hand can be less and less distinguished from today's reality. By means of an [...] experimental production, the Theatre in the Car Barn has succeeded in giving this subject matter by Peter Weiss, which has been successful in the whole world, a nightmarish actuality. The high authenticity and intensity in terms of the interpretation of the inhabitants of the asylum, who play their role in an amateurish way, a great use of the space with beautiful stage design, which leaves the audience standing in the midst of the events, and especially the musical parts which were composed especially for this production, turn the already exciting text of Weiss into a sheer flood of pictures and events, which keep the audience fascinated over a period for three hours.

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ruhr.mensch! [!]

A large-group therapy
Stories from the Ruhr-area

Theatre in the Car Barn
Bernhard Bleckmann, direction
Hans-Joachim Heßler und Marianne Kupczik, composition


People and humane aspects of the region are interweaved in the unusual theatre piece ruhr.mensch! [!].

The Theatre in the Car Barn-produktion on behalf of the research project »City region Ruhr 2030« wants to portray, far beyond romantic clichés or downfall scenarios, an honest picture of the people in the city region Ruhr.

ruhr.mensch! [!] is a joint project of Free Theatres and artists of 8 cities of the Ruhr-region.